Sunday, April 13, 2008

Updating a Designer's Home, Designer Showcase

I am a great fan of attending Designer Showcases for inspiration and ideas, besides getting a peak at the latest trends---which ones are being used and those that are not. Last summer, I attended a Designer Showcase in Huntington, NY and was inspired by a completely color coordinated first floor in one of the homes. I have not stopped thinking about the feeling I got while inside that home. So, I have allowed that thought to percolate in my mind for some time and the tall task of creating that feeling in my own home.

Some husbands give free rein to their wives when it comes to decorating and/or designing. Others want to be involved in every step of the way. Yet, there are those that do not welcome change and reject ideas for whatever reason! My case is the third--which is so ironic considering what I do for a living!! But, persistence has paid off and the flood gates have opened. We now laugh at the times ( and there were many) that I re-arranged furntiure, hung up pictures, added a mirror, brought in new furniture, changed bedding, and the list goes on, every time my darling was away on a business trip!

All of this started when I was looking through a wallpaper book to find a pattern for a client's bedroom project when I came across a French wall paper that I fell in love with.
First, I thought it would be great to update our 18th century formal living room ( I inherited). Later, it inspired me to re-decorate the entire first floor.

I am working one room at a time and I know in my heart that the finished work will be beautiful--and my guy will be thrilled as well. I won him over after negotiating for quite a while to paint the dining room. When he saw the results, he couldn't help himself to talk about painting the rest of the rooms and relaxed with other changes.

Our home will be filled with warmth and cheerfulness as all the rooms will be updated and color coordinated. It will make our home a beautiful and welcoming haven to enjoy and find tranquility within. I will be journaling these projects and all the work I do in each room. I will also list the To Do's to help you create your own project and possibly inspire you!

The Starting Point

I have been wanting to update the kitchen for some time now to a cheerful and classic yellow & blue. I have been saving some sentimental blue accessories from my mother for nearly twenty years. I also had an issue with a very formal 18th century living room, a mismosh dining room, dated wallpaper in the kitchen, and an existing den/family room 's sectional sofa with dull upholstery fabric that does not do my complexion any good! All of the new colors selected come from the French wallpaper, so I know it will work. Keep in mind, I will not be using the wallpaper, but, will be stenciling and decorative painting to get the same effect.

I have started with the dining room. Here is a picture of it. My next journal will contain the how to upholster dining room chairs.

Inspirational Decorative Painting
We went to Jedediah Hawkins Inn for a special occasion this week. It is located in Jamesport, Long Island, NY, and was a Designer's Showcase in 2005. Decorative painting techniques have been utilized through out the Inn. Trompe L'Oeil, Faux Finished walls, Stenciled ceilings, and Murals. You need to visit it in person to appreciate all the work.

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