Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to Start Going Green in Your Home- Home Office/Guest Room Ideas

We are changing from a throw away society to a recycle, renew, re-use, 'going green' citizens of the world. To get going green, start by selecting natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk. Add a natural element such as a real plant, bamboo, wicker, branches, etc. Add a picture from nature, such as the palm tree prints or a landscape. I created a calming effect in this home office/guest room by using soft neutral tones, natural products and scenes from nature. It works because of the different textures added for interest.

By all means, incorporate what you already have-- this eliminates waste and creates saved money. Speaking of creating, be creative! Here, I have used a 100% cotton corduroy bedspread and re-used it as a daybed cover with matching shams ( I bought three instead of two). The center rectangular pillow was sold as a dog bed. The lamp is made of natural woods and paper shade.

The fabrics used are all natural except for the throw: 100% corduroy daybed & shams, as well as center floral/quilt pillow and 100% silk accent pillows. The throw (which is microfiber) softens the hard edges of the daybed. Placing like items in a group adds interest & personality to a room- such as the mirrors on the side wall.
I recommended painting the room a soft linen earthy tan or soothing green to enhance the design.

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Diane said...

Great room and terrific ideas.