Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ReCalling & Re-Building Your Inner Fire

I just finished working on a special project this summer.
It was such a wonderful experience and I worked with a special group of wonderful people where the harmony and respect for others was evident on a daily basis. But, with the end of one experience, comes the anticipation and adventure of another. A new beginning-- a chance to make a change in one's life.
As I contemplate what changes to make in my life, I realize it's a time to pause and make time to restore my energy.
Nourish what I have and refill what I have used.
It is a time to let go of everything and make myself a priority. Some of us, do it by taking a vacation or taking a walk. Going to the gym or going to the spa.

At certain times in our life, taking time for ourselves seems impossible, if not overwhelming. Working40+ hours a week, getting dinner ready for the family, taking care of a loved one who is ill and needs your help. 'How can I give when I feel like I have no more to give?'
If you feel like this, it is time to ask for what you need and let it in.
We cannot be hard on ourselves when our body is telling us, " I'm running out of energy! I need to rest! I need to nourish my soul! I need to play! I need to step away from all my responsibilities! Please give me some time!!"

Take a moment. Imagine escaping from the stresses of the day- even if it's for 5 minutes. Start by giving yourself permission. Find a time and place when and where you will not be disturbed.
Picture yourself swimming in calm, cool, healing waters basking in the light of the sun. Give yourself permission to visualize something the gives you joy and take a deep breath. Let the breath go.

Take another, deeper breath, close your eyes, visualize the pool you are in. You are safe. There are beautiful orchids surrounding you- so fragrant you can smell them and feel the flower's fragrance travel through your body.
Keeping your eyes closed, you exhale slowly. Take another breath, and visualize soaking in the cool water. As it touches your skin, ever so gently, nourishing you, feel it nurturing you with all its healing ingredients.

Imagine your breath creating ripples on the water as they catch the reflection of sunlight. Again, you feel nurtured by the warmth and light of the sun.

Take another breath, and imagine you hear the nature that surrounds you- bird song, or the wind, or the ocean- exhale slowly. Listen closely in silence, as you try to imagine the sounds that give you joy. Continue to do this until you feel your energy building up to what is appropriate for you.
When you are ready, imagine walking down a path of river stones. Feel them under your feet.

The path leads to your Sacred Temple of Self- Your Inner Fire. The flames dance in celebration of your inner spirit. It heals your pain. It heals any illness or heartbreak.

You see the fire grow with energy and light. You are safe. You feel rested and rejunvenated.

You sit by the fire and absorb its energy. You feel wellness throughout your body. You close your eyes and breath deeply. You tell yourself, I will recall this feeling and this time when I need to regenerate and revitalize myself, my essence, my uniqueness of a loving and lovable human being.
I am worthy to take this time for me. I deserve it. I earned it. It is my reward and responsibility to nurture myself. Breathe. Feel your energy building, storing up inside you. Feel it down deep, where you no longer feel the ache in your heart. But feel joy pulsing through you limbs, in your lungs, in your heart! Breathe in all the energy you need. When you are ready, open your eyes. Welcome Back!

Give yourself permission to seek support and assistance for your healing process.

In wellness or illness, essential living is staying in the moment. Listening to your body, mind and spirit as if it were your own child asking for help.

Serve your sacred self well to create the energy to live the good life.

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