Saturday, February 16, 2008

Faux Finishing Design Studio, Designing a Kitchen

Welcome fellow women entrepreneurs, decorators, designers, artists, shoppers and lovers of the home! I am so excited to finally start my own blog. I am a decorator, decorative painter, interior designer, business woman and entrepreneur and occasional fashionista.

I am in the final stages of construction of my design & decorative painting studio located on the North Fork, Long Island Wine Country. Surrounded by farms, vineyards and little villages, it is a very inspirational place. I decided on an old world Tuscan faux finish for the bathroom walls and will post pictures when its done! The final punch list includes lighting, studio sink & countertop, window treatments, bathroom vanity & hardware, rug, and bookcase selection.

Last week, I attended the New York Gift & Home Furnishings show at Jacob Javits center in Manhattan. I did not see many new items in home decor, but, I was able to find a new line and a new product I never tried before- Spring & Summer Handbags and I located a new supplier for fashion jewelery line as I was walking through the streets of Manhattan.

What I did see at the Javits show were many beautiful bedding and linen lines. They were gorgeous, but, also so extraordinarily expense--at wholesale. I had to double-take the price tags a couple of times. Therefore, my search continues to find affordable bedding to add to my suppliers. I love Taylor Linens. The sentimental embroidery shams and pillows are my favorites.

Quality is very important to me, but, so is an affordable price. When I select an item, I have to love the it, whether I carry it in the online store, recommend it for a design client or buy it for myself. I am always looking at a product for its value---something that is practical, functional and feels like a luxury when used or when wearing it. Because the bottom line is not, how much you spend, but, how you feel in it or how you feel when you have the item in your home. That includes how you feel in a room or in your own home--do you feel like, "A-a-h, I've arrived to my sanctuary", or my palace, or my safe-haven, or my nest. If not, you need to re-work that room. And remember, one room at a time, or you will lose sleep over it! It's a pleasant journey we're going for, folks!

Yesterday, I began space planning for a very small kitchen for a client of mine. Planning is very important for -everything--- but, especially small kitchens--space is a premium.

Before you get seduced by the features of a kitchen--granite countertops, six-range gas stove, the latest in ventilation hoods, ceramic tiles or plank flooring--and there is so much out there--you need to think about it's functionality.

Make a list of daily activities in your kitchen for a week and what you put away. What do you do in the kitchen? What do other family members do in the kitchen? Did you have to go to another room to get something? When you have company over, do they get in the way when you are doing the final preparations of the meal? Is your linen drawer stuffed to the max? Can you find your favorite knife, where is the strainer?

We use our kitchens daily and thinking you will cover all that you know by memory alone is a mistake waiting to happen. You will then live with the 'mistake' until you can afford to do another makeover or sell the house.

Also, remember the future re-sale value of your home. Will future prospects tolerate placement of the range at the kitchen window or are they expecting the sink at that location? Where do you keep the broom, vacuum cleaner, paper goods supplies, etc? How big should your pantry be or how efficient in planning to utilize the space by investing in the latest inserts available in the market today?

Well, I have to get back to the drafting table and complete the kitchen cabinets elevation view-Suzy

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